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We want to offer you a huge discount on the RLS-H Formula and our book called "Twitchy Legs" that explains how The RLS-H Formula was created. We are rebranding and changing our labels and introducing more products to help people with restless legs and mild sleep disorders live a much more enjoyable life. We have a few bottles with the old label we want to offer you at a discount with a flat shipping rate regardless of where you live. Quantities are limited so act quickly.. this offer won't last long.

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Years ago I found this website and it helped me determine what my symptoms were and how it can be fixed. I tried the product and could not believe how fast it worked.”
Business Owner

Approved By Health Canada

Safe and effective to take. ~ Health Canada

Effective Relief For Restless legs

Enjoy complete and total relief from your restless legs symptoms

Works Fast

In most cases relief is experienced within the first 30 minutes.

Safe & Effective To Take

The RLS-H Formula has been approved by Health Canada since 2011.

Does Not Interfere With Medication

Health Canada has been monitoring since 2011. No reported side effects or drug interactions have been reported

"I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome and had for most of my life. My wife and I struggled to have a good night’s sleep due to my constantly kicking legs. Even sitting to watch a movie was a chore because my legs could never find peace. Traveling for any length of time was a challenge. I was introduced to The RLS-H formula and to my amazement I immediately started to see results.
Leon Brown
Champion Powerlifter
“I’ve had Restless Legs for quite a while. You know how disturbing it is, especially when it comes at night (usually it comes every night in my case). It wakes me up from my sleep at 2am, 3am… I cannot sleep because my legs won't calm down. I tried many things, many supplements: they didn’t work.. Finally, I found the RLS-H Formula (Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment): It saved me!
Ken Baron